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Unique visual presentations designed for the Digital Age.


Merienda Design merges art, design, information, and technology
into visually appealing, content rich viewing experiences.

A lot of businesses live or die on the web. Just ask the businesses that went under after Google’s algorithm changes. We can take your online presence to the next level with expert web solutions that will engage visitors and increase responses. Our websites inform and inspire your prospects and customers first. They’re beautifully designed and functional with an eye toward the latest, most relevant technologies with best practices for search engine optimization.

Our website design services are based on the following:

Information Architecture

Your site needs to look clean, modern, and uncluttered with current, clear content. Translating your organization’s information into a pleasant and informative experience for your site visitors requires information architecture. This includes identification & highlighting of the most relevant content. This includes easy category navigation and clear direction to additional, relevant content.

Content Strategy

What the user sees and when they see it needs to be crafted and balanced with good visual design. The practice of connecting your site visitors with pertinent information requires that you understand them. You need to provide them with what they need. This involves analysis of who your site users are and what they’re looking for and review of your competitors’ strategies (optionally available).

User Experience

User experience is the overall experience of your site user. It is defined by the ease of use and how pleasing your website is visually. It includes the initial wow that draws them to your site, and the content that keeps them there. User based usability requires that you understand what motivates your customer and what their needs are.

Maintenance Packages

  • Search Engine Optimization updates.
  • analysis of site hits.
  • web design updates.
  • stock image and photo selection.
  • social media broadcasting and uploads.
  • Google Analytics & other statistical analysis.
  • online reputation management.
  • Prices start at $500/month. Contact for a quote.

Did you know…

You have about 3 seconds to engage a consumer.

The Takeaway

First impressions count.
Plenty of research shows that you only have a few brief seconds to get the user’s attention and to convey enough value to engage them.
Source: Huffington Post

Make sure your website is telling the right story about your company.

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