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Merienda Design’s six-week branding program provides
the foundation for all of our strategy and creative work.

Brand and identity work requires vision. Merienda Design can ably architect your new brand or re-branding process. The hallmark clean, approachable designs express messages with reassuring confidence. Our six-week branding program provides the foundation for all of our strategy and creative work, and is a mixture of consulting, marketing, writing and design. It helps clients clarify business values, uncover fresh thinking about their organization’s market position and see an outside perspective free from internal biases. Through interviews with key employees and stakeholders, we’ll help you gain insight and develop branding that truly resonates with your most important target audiences.

Build Trust and Awareness

Our branding program is a great place to start if you can benefit from any of the following:

  • A reinvention or adjustment of your visual identity and language.
  • Clarification of your business values and fresh thinking about your market position.
  • Interviews with key organization members and current and former customers to gain insight on business challenges – and see the bigger picture.
  • An outside perspective, free from your organization’s internal biases.
  • Advice on your customer-facing language and materials compared to trends and terms that truly resonate.
  • A road-map for where your brand should go – and how to get it there.
  • Design and language examples for effectively communicating with your audience.
  • A united and aligned internal culture.

Did you know…

60% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand they are familiar with.
– Source: Neilson Survey –

The Takeaway

The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.
Source: Wikipedia

Your Company’s success depends on your exposure to consumers.

Let’s talk branding.

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