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Restaurant Facebook Covers


Promote your restaurant with this 851 x 315px Facebook cover. It is suitable for a Facebook page cover or a banner on In Durham or In Toronto.

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Product Description

When you are filling in the customization form, follow the guidelines for the Restaurant Facebook Cover of your choice to ensure a clean finished look. Click on the link below to see what customizations are available for each of the Restaurant Facebook Covers. If you would like a change made to the template, you can purchase an alteration here. This can include a font change, an additional text area, or an adjustment to an existing element.

Customization Guidelines for Restaurant Facebook Covers

There are hundreds of templates to choose from in all the categories. Most Facebook cover templates can be used for a restaurant cover so take a look at the other categories if you don’t find something suitable for your company. The look will change depending on the text and images you upload, therefore you may want to view all templates in all categories before making your final decision.

Additional Information

Event Promotion

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Restaurant Facebook Covers